Dr. Vet in Furnation

July 6, 2006

This morning I was watching The Price is Right, and at the end of it Bob Barker called me into action by stating “Help Control the Pet Population: Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered”. There’s nothing I love more than helping old people. I looked around, and found no SL veternarians to refer people to. I had to take these matters into my own hands. I had to go to Furnation and deball as many animals as I could.

I am not a doctor of animals however, so I have no idea how to properly do things. I am an engineer, though, so I’m very good at faking it. What I crafted was very simple. A machine lowers a giant rotating drill perched above the pet’s nether regions. With a push of a button, the drill lowers, pulling out the naughty bits efficiently. Surround the machine with some walls, and you have yourself a nice little cubicle! Awesome!

So I set out my little booth in Furnation’s sandbox, and slowly learned what should have been apparent to me in the first place. Noone wants to lose what was already there in the first place. No matter how hard I tried to advance my cause, the furries just stood there. I suppose it would be agast in awe as to the brilliance of my plan, I dunno. So, after about 30 minutes, I called my friend Kerian in to actually test my machine out. It worked perfectly. I feel almost bad for having him sacrifice his nads for science, (especially when all I told him was “sit on this ball!”), but someone needs to control the pet population.

I wonder who else has pets here in SL. Their population must be controlled. Bob says so.


2 Responses to “Dr. Vet in Furnation”

  1. Murderfiend Juutilainen Says:

    You sir, are a fucking genius. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Sport Says:

    You sir, are a fucking genius. Thank you for the inspiration.

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