Someone just tried to kill me!

July 16, 2006

hank Boffin: hello i have been sent to assasinate you
hank Boffin: /ls on
Deight Boccara: Hi
hank Boffin: /ls off
Deight Boccara: Why are you assasinating me?
Deight Boccara: That’s mean
hank Boffin: what u done wrong man u a journalist my boss must be tripping
Deight Boccara: Who is your boss?
hank Boffin: i cant say that sorry
Deight Boccara: [REDACTED]?
hank Boffin: yeh but hes gone offline now
Deight Boccara: Man why does he have it out for me?
Deight Boccara: I did nothing wrong
hank Boffin: i dont know maybe you done something to one of his friends
Deight Boccara: I might have I dunno
Deight Boccara: People get mad at me for weird reasons
Deight Boccara: People just don’t like journalists I guess
hank Boffin: ok just dont show your face in any of the big clubs for a while ill ad u as friend and give you the signe to go anywhere ok
Deight Boccara: Ok
hank Boffin: if my boss finds out u aint died once by my hands he gonna fire my ass and have me killed just after
Deight Boccara: Ow that’s not good
hank Boffin: nope
Deight Boccara: BTW can I publish this little chat but disguise your name?
hank Boffin: ok
Deight Boccara: I need to journalize this
hank Boffin: ok
hank Boffin: just dont mention my boss
Deight Boccara: Ok
hank Boffin: thx well cya try not to get noticed by all the big players
Deight Boccara: Ok seeya
Deight Boccara shouts: Have fun killing people!


2 Responses to “Someone just tried to kill me!”

  1. Joshua Says:

    lol, uhhh ?????

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