Random Interview with Helen and Nightmare

July 21, 2006

I guess I’m going to start roaming around and finding random people to interview. Today I found Nightmare and Helen standing around their parcel in Takes.

Helen Dayton: hmmm could be either
Deight Boccara: Greetings!
Helen Dayton: hello Deight
Deight Boccara: I’m Deight from the Internet, and I am interviewing people
Deight Boccara: Wanna be interviewed?
Helen Dayton: oh lol
nightmare1212 Knox: what would you like to know
Helen Dayton: yeah lol
nightmare1212 Knox: depents what you ask
nightmare1212 Knox: and from what webpage
Helen Dayton: sorry I was saying yeah what would you like to know
Helen Dayton: also depends on what you ask
Deight Boccara: Wow I am lagging really badly
Deight Boccara: Ugh
Deight Boccara: Anyways who are you people
nightmare1212 Knox: i am nightmare ;) nice to meet you
Helen Dayton: I’m um >checks tag< Helen Dayton ;-)
Deight Boccara: I know you are a second life mentor Heather
Helen Dayton: Heather? lol
Deight Boccara: And you are a Don, Nightmare
nightmare1212 Knox: yes i am
Deight Boccara: Don of what?
Deight Boccara: A mafia?
nightmare1212 Knox: mafia
Deight Boccara: Are you going to shoot me?
Deight Boccara: That’d be terrible
nightmare1212 Knox: no lol do i need too?
Helen Dayton: not unless you cause trouble
Helen Dayton: Giggles
nightmare1212 Knox: only if they ask for it
Deight Boccara: Helen how do you know causing trouble gets you shot?
Deight Boccara: Do you cause trouble?
Helen Dayton: well I know he would not shoot otherwise
Helen Dayton: dont go looking for trouble, just put an end to it
nightmare1212 Knox: we help out
nightmare1212 Knox: kill trouble makers on sl
Deight Boccara: You two are not partnered up. I should totally marry you two together
nightmare1212 Knox: we are not married
Helen Dayton: no :-)
nightmare1212 Knox: check profiles
Deight Boccara: I see you heather haven’t rezzed. Are you hiding from me, the journalist?!
Helen Dayton: erm…. my name is Helen
Deight Boccara: Oh. Right
Deight Boccara: I guess that’s why you haven’t rezzed
nightmare1212 Knox: ok going scan your for guns
nightmare1212 Knox: Deight Boccara
Scanner: Scanning Deight Boccara
Deight Boccara: I only have guns in my inventory
nightmare1212 Knox: your clean
Helen Dayton: thats good to know lol
Deight Boccara: Did you see my guns in the inventory? They are powerful
Popgun (drag onto yourself) whispers: Use Mouselook (press ‘M’) to shoot me.
Popgun (drag onto yourself) whispers: Choose ‘Detach’ from my menu to take me off.
nightmare1212 Knox: guns dont do much lol
nightmare1212 Knox: you can shoot me anytime
Deight Boccara: Like that gun. It is a killer
Deight Boccara: So what do you do in secondlife?
nightmare1212 Knox: have fun and injoy
Helen Dayton: yeah :-)
nightmare1212 Knox: mafia things i cant talk about
Deight Boccara: That’s a vauge and kinda misspelled answer
Deight Boccara: I was expecting like “Oh I play tringo for ages”
Helen Dayton: well English is not Night’s first language so spelling is pretty good
Deight Boccara: It’s not? What nation do you hail from Nightmare?
nightmare1212 Knox: dutch
Deight Boccara: Is that why you have numbers after your name?
nightmare1212 Knox: thats code to not forget my bday
nightmare1212 Knox: LMAO
Helen Dayton: lol
Deight Boccara: The 12th day of december or the 212th day of January?
nightmare1212 Knox: 12 dec
nightmare1212 Knox: where you working for
Deight Boccara: That is a crappy time to have a birthday
Deight Boccara: Everyone lumps your presents in with Christmas?
nightmare1212 Knox: oh no double fun
Helen Dayton: I’m sure he is used to it by now lol :-)
Helen Dayton: no they wouldn’t dare I don’t think
nightmare1212 Knox: i get enough
Helen Dayton: if anything like my mohter’s birthday lol
Deight Boccara: Awesome! Well thanks for journalizing with me!
nightmare1212 Knox: where are you working for?
Deight Boccara: I’ll put this chatlog on the website!
Deight Boccara: Thanks!
nightmare1212 Knox: link to the website
Helen Dayton: which website?
Deight Boccara: My website!
nightmare1212 Knox: link?
Deight Boccara: Seeya!
nightmare1212 Knox: seeya
Helen Dayton: ok bye :-)


One Response to “Random Interview with Helen and Nightmare”

  1. Mary Meek Says:

    I’ve decided that you should pay me. For leaving comments on so many of your entries. It’s only fair really. You can pay me over and above $5000 Canadian dollars for each comment. And I also want your cave.
    I’ll expect the deeds to the cave and all the money to be sent in the post directly. If it doesn’t come through quickly, my threat to attack you with my trusty spork still remains.

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