SL Escort

July 26, 2006

I’m a complete noob at SL sex, so I decided to go out one night and find myself an escort. So, after looking for 9 minutes, I found exactly the person who would teach me the ins and outs of going in and out.

Boomquisha Jackson: hi honey
Deight Boccara: Oh hi!
Deight Boccara: I was shopping for an escort. I’m kinda new to this
Deight Boccara: What’s up?
Boomquisha Jackson: well I’m an escort and I like shopping
Deight Boccara: Really? Awesome!
Boomquisha Jackson: so what can I do for you honey?
Deight Boccara: Um, I guess you can have sex with me in exchange for money?
Deight Boccara: I mean I think that’s how it works
Boomquisha Jackson: well yes that is the basics
Boomquisha Jackson: the next question is what are you into honey?
Deight Boccara: Um, sex?
Deight Boccara: At least I think that’s why I’m here
Deight Boccara: I guess the boring regular sex would be good
Deight Boccara: I don’t want to be tied up and hung while being whipped
Deight Boccara: That doesn’t sounds like much fun
Deight Boccara: So you want to do this?
Boomquisha Jackson: well that also sounds good to me
Boomquisha Jackson: it is 750 for 30 mins
Deight Boccara: Ok
Boomquisha Jackson: I will tp you, ok?
Deight Boccara: Ok!

Deight Boccara: Good evening!
Boomquisha Jackson: hi honey.
Boomquisha Jackson: follow me honey
Deight Boccara: Oooh this is a nice place
Boomquisha Jackson: thank you
Deight Boccara: So um yeah
Deight Boccara: What now?
Boomquisha Jackson: shall we take care of the business side first
Deight Boccara: Ok
Deight Boccara pays Boomquisha 750 lindens.
Boomquisha Jackson: thanks honey
Boomquisha Jackson reaches behind her and slowly remover her bra
Deight Boccara: Wow you have breasts now that the bra is gone
Boomquisha Jackson gigles
Boomquisha Jackson: kind of you to notice
Deight Boccara: Oh. Hahaha you always had them. I need to pay more attention
Boomquisha Jackson steps out of her panties
Deight Boccara: You step out of them? I usually just pull them off but that’s just
Deight Boccara: WHAT AM I SAYING
Boomquisha Jackson: lolol
Deight Boccara: No I don’t wear panties why would i do that im a guy
Boomquisha Jackson: I can see you are honey, but it really doesnt bother me either way
Deight Boccara: That’s great!
Boomquisha Jackson reaches over and strokes that bulge in your pants
Deight Boccara: Ok I guess I can get out of these pants now
Boomquisha Jackson: you sure can honey
Boomquisha Jackson: Mmmmmmmmmm
Deight Boccara: And these shoes too
Deight Boccara: And why not. My wig can go too
Boomquisha Jackson: well your top might be nice
Boomquisha Jackson: wow you are a big boy,
Deight Boccara: Yeah I got this from a friend. I am loaning it
Deight Boccara: I’ll pass off your compliments though
Boomquisha lays onto Deight.
Deight Boccara: Are you listening to my heartbeat?
Deight Boccara: Because I can assure you that I’m alive
Boomquisha Jackson: would you like me to such that for you honey
Deight Boccara: Oh wow
Boomquisha Jackson kisses the very tip then starts to take more and more into her mouth
Boomquisha Jackson gently cups then strokes your balls
Deight Boccara: Good because if you did it roughly that would be something entirely different
Boomquisha Jackson: well honey, I want you to have fun not pain
Boomquisha Jackson: giggles
Deight Boccara: I think I’m hard now, but man this penis has one setting. You wouldn’t notice the difference
Boomquisha Jackson: and tonight I am anything and everything you wish
Deight Boccara: Even ice cream?
Deight Boccara: Because man I would love rocky road
Deight Boccara: Chocolate + Marshmallows = Awesome
Boomquisha Jackson: would you like to put your face in my pussy?
Deight Boccara: Obviously!
Boomquisha Jackson: Mmmmmmmm
Deight Boccara: I’m glad you are liking this too
Boomquisha Jackson: oh god yes,
Boomquisha Jackson: that is so so good
Deight Boccara: Thanks! I practice on my cat
Boomquisha Jackson: lucky cat
Boomquisha Jackson: :)
Deight Boccara: Er, I mean that’s my nickname for my girlfriend
Deight Boccara: Cat
Boomquisha Jackson: lolol
Boomquisha Jackson: she is lucky you sure do this well honey
Boomquisha Jackson: oh god yes
Boomquisha Jackson: Oh god, I need you inside me
Deight Boccara: Well I do too
Boomquisha Jackson: whats your No. 1 Fave possition?
Boomquisha Jackson straddles you and impails herself on your tower of manhood
Boomquisha Jackson gently slides down onto you until you are all inside her
Deight Boccara: Oooh nice manuver
Deight Boccara: I haven’t seen that one outside of mexican wrestling
Boomquisha Jackson leans forward and kisses you so passionatly, you just know how hot you have made her
Boomquisha Jackson slowly turns round on your rock hard cock
Deight Boccara: Isn’t that like a rotisserie?
Boomquisha Jackson squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit as she rides your cock
Boomquisha Jackson: hope you are having fun in real as well honey
Deight Boccara: I certainly am!
Deight Boccara: This is invigorating!
Boomquisha Jackson: good, so am I honey, boy am I
Boomquisha Jackson: oh yes honey, thats right slam it in hard
Deight Boccara: Yep! That’s most certainly what I’m doing!
Deight Boccara: You’re very observant
Boomquisha Jackson: it sure is
Boomquisha Jackson: … ahh … ahh … ahh … ahh …. …. ahhh
Boomquisha Jackson: lucky I took my panties off in real as well honey, they would sure be very wet not if I hadnt
Deight Boccara: Well it’s a good think I took mine off in real too. I don’t want them to stretch out
Boomquisha Jackson: it feels so good with your cock thrusting into me
Boomquisha Jackson: Ahhhhhhhh………….. oh god you are big
Deight Boccara: Yeah I think I’m too big
Deight Boccara: It’s impaling you
Boomquisha Jackson: did you like spanking me as well honey
Deight Boccara: Doesn’t that hurt?
Boomquisha Jackson: a little honey
Boomquisha Jackson: but dont you dare stop
Deight Boccara: And re: the spanking Yeah hitting you is excellent
Deight Boccara: I wish I would hit Cat like that but she’d scratch me up soo bad
Boomquisha Jackson: want to do it again?
Deight Boccara: Do what? Hit your ass?
Deight Boccara: Oh yeah man poor your ass
Boomquisha Jackson: you like?
Boomquisha Jackson: … ahhh … ahhh
Boomquisha Jackson: … ahhh ….
Boomquisha Jackson: …. hhhaa … hhhaa … aaahh … ahhh … aaaahhh
Boomquisha Jackson: … ahh … ahhh …. ahha … ahhhh ….
Deight Boccara: Ok! I’ll stop hitting your ass!
Deight Boccara: Sorry that hurts!
Boomquisha Jackson: dont you dare stop
Deight Boccara: Ok I won’t stop hitting you
Boomquisha Jackson: that feels great
Deight Boccara: Man I hope you don’t bruise.
Deight Boccara: Hopefully you have buns of steel
Boomquisha Jackson: MMmmmmmmmm
Deight Boccara: Can we try another position?
Boomquisha Jackson: you bet honey
Boomquisha changes the position
Deight Boccara: Oh wow so that’s your face
Boomquisha Jackson: sure is honey, you like it?
Deight Boccara: I haven’t seen a face like that since Mr. Ed went off the air.
Deight Boccara: Man I loved Carol.
Boomquisha Jackson: oh god thats right honey, fuck me hard
Deight Boccara: I’m trying to do that!
Boomquisha Jackson: and it feels wonderful
Boomquisha Jackson arches her back and pushes herself down hard on your cock
Deight Boccara: Yeah! Posture be damned!
Boomquisha Jackson: hell yes
Boomquisha Jackson reaches down between us and starts to stroke your balls
Deight Boccara: Man you are treating my balls like those chinese hand massagers with the bells in them
Boomquisha Jackson: which one do you want to end in?
Deight Boccara: The face to face one
Boomquisha Jackson: Mmmmmmm, I like to look into your eyes as well honey
Deight Boccara: Yeah. Your eyes remind me of a beautiful landscape
Deight Boccara: You know, the ones on motivational posters
Deight Boccara: I think you are “Perserverance”
Boomquisha Jackson: I think you are great
Deight Boccara: I think you are too! Man what a great first time!
Boomquisha Jackson: thank you honey
Boomquisha Jackson: I hope you got sticky
Boomquisha Jackson giggles
Deight Boccara: I absolutely did!
Boomquisha Jackson: good
Deight Boccara: I did earlier today too. Don’t work at a glue factory
Boomquisha Jackson: roflmao
Boomquisha Jackson: I like that
Deight Boccara: Well I’m glad you had fun
Deight Boccara: Does your butt still hurt?
Deight Boccara: My hand is vicious
Boomquisha Jackson: not hurt honey, but it does tingle so wonderfully
Deight Boccara: Perhaps we can do this again later!
Boomquisha Jackson: well time to get dressed honey
Deight Boccara: Yep!
Boomquisha Jackson: I would love to
Deight Boccara: Have fun!
Deight Boccara: I have to go give my friend his penis back. I hope he doesn’t mind I used it
Deight Boccara: Seeya!

As for the sex, I think I need to practice way more. If you see me at a club, rest assured I will be trying to exchange money for some goods and services.


7 Responses to “SL Escort”

  1. Stankleberry Says:

    Hahaha, you have problems.

  2. LadyLutha Harlow Says:

    This made me laugh so hard I almost cried. Delight you’re a complete nutter !

  3. Viajero Says:

    That was too, too hilarious and deserves wider play!

    A Chinese girl in a cyber-factory made a buck and a half for that trick. And no sticky mess.

  4. Viajero Says:

    Maybe publish it in an in-world newspaper?!

  5. Riona Rimbaud Says:

    I just want to say “grats to the escort :)” if you where with me sweetie i dont know if i would be able to restrain my laugh *=^.^=* . She’s really professional and your a complete nuts :p .

    see you in Elements :).


  6. Jager Says:

    Holy hell.. what th helling hell hell was that hellish hell?!!?1
    You are a freakin riot Deight!

  7. Mary Meek Says:

    I swear I might have to kill you if you don’t update your blog and write another article. I’ve officially become addicted to them. I blame you. Obviously.
    If you don’t I’ll gang together with Elka and kick your ass. Or try and kind some other crazy ass baby killers such as Elka to force you into writing some more.
    Why are you still reading this? You should be writing a new entry. Write now! So stop reading. Now. DO IT DO IT! Get wriing…….
    If you’re still reading this last sentence instead of writing a new entry I will attack you with a spork.

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