People get mad at me for weird reasons

October 5, 2006

The other day I was hosting at some lame casino, when Elka walks in. So, I greet her, and she responds weirdly to my greeting

[21:25]  You: Elka!
[21:26]  elka Bossman: yeah that could be me if there was no capital :P

So, I think there might be a problem, so I check her profile. Sure enough, she is really anal about having her name be capitalized. So, I attempt to apologize in IM, and this happens:

[21:30]  Deight Boccara: Sorry I capitalized your name, Elka
[21:30]  Deight Boccara: It won’t happen ever again
[21:30]  elka Bossman: you just did… again
[21:30]  elka Bossman: lol
[21:30]  elka Bossman: ok that was hylarious
[21:31]  Deight Boccara: Oh sorry Elka
[21:31]  Deight Boccara: My deepest apologies
[21:31]  elka Bossman: you just did again!
[21:31]  elka Bossman: wtf?
[21:31]  elka Bossman: you making fun of me?
[21:31]  Deight Boccara: Oh hell no
[21:32]  Deight Boccara: Man we are members of the weird name club
[21:32]  elka Bossman: just stop please :)
[21:32]  Deight Boccara: Like, everyone calls me “Delight” and it makes me want to stab them IN THE FACE
[21:32]  elka Bossman: well i should stab you in the face 3 times
[21:32]  Deight Boccara: So I try to respect the anality of other people’s names
[21:32]  elka Bossman: for saying im sorry Elka
[21:32]  elka Bossman: then of i wont do it again Elka
[21:33]  elka Bossman: O.o?!
[21:33]  elka Bossman: i guess i should call you delight :P
[21:33]  Deight Boccara: Well I am sorry Elka! Really deeply sorry! I swear it won’t ever EVER happen again!
[21:33]  elka Bossman: you are an idiot
[21:33]  elka Bossman: dont IM me anymore
[21:33]  elka Bossman: you are clearly trying to piss me
[21:33]  elka Bossman: and ill give you an award for succeeding
[21:34]  elka Bossman: why do you do that
[21:34]  elka Bossman: why would you insult or bug a player like that in IM?
[21:34]  elka Bossman: i notice you are the host too O.o
[21:37]  elka Bossman: can you just please tell me why you chose to pick on me out of the blue
[21:37]  Deight Boccara: I don’t know why you are getting mad at me for trying to apologize to you Elka
[21:38]  elka Bossman: but WHY do you keep putting a cap to my name?
[21:38]  elka Bossman: you are apologizing for putting one
[21:38]  elka Bossman: but you keep on doing ut
[21:38]  elka Bossman: it*
[21:38]  elka Bossman: you just did it!
[21:39]  elka Bossman: i dont know you, why do you want to piss me?
[21:39]  elka Bossman: this is the 1st time someone does that to me in SL in 2 years
[21:40]  Deight Boccara: I’m trying to apologize to you Elka! I’m deeply sorry I committed the horrible crime of capitalizing your name while greeting you when you rez in!
[21:40]  elka Bossman: dudette, i was making a JOKE there
[21:40]  elka Bossman: and then you go and start narguing me about it
[21:40]  elka Bossman: repeating my name with a capital letter over and over
[21:40]  elka Bossman: like 5 yo would do
[21:40]  Deight Boccara: I’m not arguing! I am genuinely sorry, Elka!
[21:40]  elka Bossman: this is plain rude and immature
[21:40]  elka Bossman: then why wont you stop doing it
[21:41]  elka Bossman: as if you need to put Elka as the end of every sentence
[21:41]  elka Bossman: you are SO reported to the owner of this place. i rarely get so mad at someone in SL.
[21:41]  elka Bossman: its not even the capital letter that matters anymore
[21:41]  elka Bossman: its that,,, attitude
[21:41]  elka Bossman: how can a host do that to a player
[21:41]  Deight Boccara: What? I’m trying to apologize!
[21:41]  elka Bossman: in IM too
[21:42]  elka Bossman: oh please :)
[21:42]  elka Bossman: you are writing im sorry Elka
[21:42]  elka Bossman: at every single sentence you added Elka
[21:42]  elka Bossman: more and more
[21:42]  elka Bossman: im saving this convo
[21:42]  Deight Boccara: I’m sorry you feel my apology is an insult! I’m really not trying to insult you!
[21:42]  elka Bossman: an apology is great
[21:42]  elka Bossman: when its not to laugh in the face of someone
[21:43]  elka Bossman: gosh im so pissed wow!
[21:43]  elka Bossman: ok do what you have to do, ill play and you host
[21:43]  elka Bossman: just, dont ever talk to me
[21:43]  elka Bossman: and i swear if you say Elka one more time
[21:43]  elka Bossman: ill blow a fuse
[21:43]  Deight Boccara: I’m not laughing! I’m deeply deeply sorry!


11 Responses to “People get mad at me for weird reasons”

  1. roflmao… I capitalize named automatically… No one has EVER flipped on me. O.o

  2. Chado Says:

    The problem is who is really in the wrong? One, elka or Elka for taking something so seriously that most people wouldn’t give a * about, and the other the host for agonizing the situation and making it worse than it needed to be.

  3. Madbo Says:

    I think Elka is in the wrong!

  4. Jager Says:

    I think Elka is an idiot..

  5. sheds Says:

    ha ha ha ha, it’s amazing how anal people can be about their name….

  6. mr bunnings Says:

    For some reason on the net people take capitals in there (or lack of) far too seriously. I guess it’s a way for them to separate there name in type from everybody else who has the same.

  7. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  8. Mary Meek Says:

    Someone should give Elka a chill pill. Talk about picky. All you were doing was apologizing. SHE should have been apologizing for not capitalizing her name which is clearly a noun and therefore in need of capitalization. What is she, trying to screw up everyone education? SHE is the reason people wonder around not knowing how to punctuate, spell properly or even write. Elka is practically trying to make the whole world illiterate! Little babies are drinking out of bottle labeled poison because they are illiterate! And it is all her fault. BABY KILLER. People like her make me die a little inside…

  9. sheds Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA, that is Hilarious…

  10. music Says:

    What do you mean ?

  11. John Makowski Says:

    Lovin’ the design of the site, would you mind telling me if you have a place for more templates, I’m in need for my site about downloadable flash games online. Send via email thanks.

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