Visitors from the Past

November 5, 2006

I live in Caledon, a victorian themed sim. Why I live there is a mystery to me, especially since I’m usually dressed as a robot half the time. But the fact that I don’t fit in usually doesn’t make itself apparent; unless a roleplayer happens to come by.

Jorge Fremont: Good evening, madam…
Deight Boccara: Evening!
Jorge Fremont: How are you this evening?
Deight Boccara: I am good!
Jorge Fremont: Supurb!
Deight Boccara: What is up in this bitch, good sir?
Jorge Fremont: Pardon, madam?
Deight Boccara: What is “up” in this “hizzy”, “cuz”
Jorge Fremont: Well… we are simply enjoying the Halloween celebrations across Caledon.
Jorge Fremont: There are a couple of activities going on, but most everyone…
Jorge Fremont: has gone to the Mew sim…
Deight Boccara: Hehe
Jorge Fremont: and the Haunted house/castle…
Deight Boccara: Well nothing’s going on on my parcel except for me being the worst caledonian ever
Jorge Fremont: And why, pray tell, is that, madam?
Deight Boccara: Because I am wearing a t-shirt, and talk in gangsta slang
Jorge Fremont: Well, to each their own, madam….
Jorge Fremont: Have you been a resident of Caledon for a while?
Deight Boccara: Yeah, for a month or two.
Deight Boccara: Which makes it all horrible that I only have one object on my parcel
Jorge Fremont: Well, anything good takes time…
Jorge Fremont: I’m certain that your plans will eventually congeal towards your…
Jorge Fremont: ultimate goal.
Deight Boccara: My ultimate goal is having something that isn’t wholly horrible
Jorge Fremont: If I may.. what is your goal?
Deight Boccara: My goal is something cool
Deight Boccara: And that doesn’t get me banned
Jorge Fremont: “cool”, as in….?
Deight Boccara: “awesome”
Deight Boccara: “totally rad”
Deight Boccara: “kickin it old school yo”
Deight Boccara: “peanuts in the hizzy yaknowwhatimsayin”
Deight Boccara: “pleunkation”
Jorge Fremont: Hmmm… well, good luck with that, madam….
Deight Boccara: “superb”
Deight Boccara: I think that’s all the synonyms
Jorge Fremont: Ah…..
Jorge Fremont: Do you have property here?
Deight Boccara: This is my property
Jorge Fremont: Oh! I was not aware of that – sorry…
Deight changes the land name to “Jorge Fremont’s House”
Deight Boccara: Now you own property in Caledon!
Jorge Fremont: pardon?
Deight Boccara: Check the parcel name
Jorge Fremont: Ah… quite ingenious, madam!
Deight Boccara: Now you owe me 800 lindens rent until you die
Jorge Fremont: I’ll make sure it will be in the post….
Jorge Fremont: Well, madam, I must take my leave….
Deight Boccara: Seeya, blood!
Jorge Fremont: It has been a pleasure talking with you…
Jorge Fremont: you are certainly one of the more colorful individuals here…


4 Responses to “Visitors from the Past”

  1. Russ Says:

    Wow. Very interesting.

  2. Mary Meek Says:

    Has anyone told you that you’re wicked hillarious? As they should. All the time.

  3. Is that a new way? Sometimes I can’t help but give free reign to my cowardly term Fresh joke! The dreaded Amish flu: First you get a little hoarse. Then you get a little buggy.

  4. Clatters Says:

    OMG! This was so incredibly funny that I laughed till my sides hurt. Seriously.

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