Caledon has big balls.

January 29, 2007

I am horrible at victorian roleplay. Especially when it’s at a formal ball, where the merely weird roleplay gets cranked up to something vaugely scary.

[17:34] Deight Boccara: Pardon me Lyra, but I’ve heard you read books.
[17:34] Lyra Lobo: Very fine to meet you *smiles*
[17:34] Lyra Lobo: Yes, I love literature…and am delighted to make your acquaintenace, Lady Boccara
[17:34] Lyra Lobo: please let me introduce my friend Farely…also a lover of literature
[17:34] Deight Boccara: Thank you. very much
[17:35] Deight Boccara: Good evening, Farely!
[17:35] Farely Scarborough: Pleased to make your aquaintance, Ms. Boccara
[17:35] Deight Boccara: You enjoy reading books… What is that like?
[17:35] Lyra Lobo chuckles
[17:35] Farely Scarborough smiles
[17:35] Deight Boccara: I’m afraid I forgot how to read a long time ago
[17:35] Lyra Lobo: it is like seeing a whole new world unfold…and embrace me
[17:35] Lyra Lobo smiles
[17:36] Lyra Lobo: but then, I am something of a bluestocking, I fear
[17:36] Lyra Lobo grins
[17:36] Lyra Lobo: still, my friends tolerate it…
[17:36] Lyra Lobo chuckles
[17:36] Lyra Lobo: and you, Lady Boccara..what do you enjoy?
[17:36] Deight Boccara: I enjoy throwing rocks at various gulls
[17:37] Farely Scarborough: A bluestocking, dear?
[17:37] Lyra Lobo chuckles
[17:37] Lyra Lobo: it is true…but that is the occupational hazard afforded a professor
[17:37] Lyra Lobo: even Charles babbage’s machine is one of my fondest toys…
[17:37] Cornelia Rothsteiner perks. “Mr. Engine?”
[17:37] Farely Scarborough: I had not thought of you that way. But now that you mention it…
[17:38] Farely Scarborough smiles
[17:38] Lyra Lobo grins and nods
[17:38] Cornelia Rothsteiner: I have heard much of Mr. Engine, but I have never had the pleasure, alas.
[17:38] Lyra Lobo: it is true…. books are my constant companions….
[17:38] Deight Boccara: I don’t get a chance to ger many books at my present location
[17:38] Lyra Lobo smiles at Lady Lightfoot
[17:39] Deight Boccara: I’m sure if I did I would love it
[17:39] Farely Scarborough: And what locaiont would that be, Ms. Boccara?
[17:39] Deight Boccara: I live in a cave in Port Caledon
[17:40] Farely Scarborough: My dear lady… A cave, you say!
[17:40] Deight Boccara: The owners of the land don’t know I live there, so I’m hesitant to tell you exactly where
[17:40] Deight Boccara: Yes I am not as royal and as regal as I may appear
[17:41] Lyra Lobo: a cave…that sounds marvelous
[17:41] Farely Scarborough: Well, you look most charming, Ms. Boccara. And I’m sure you have many tales to tell.
[17:41] Deight Boccara: Actually, in order to get this dress I had to walk off to Tamnaroch, find someone wearing something I think would fit me, then take my wardrobe by force
[17:42] Lyra Lobo grins
[17:42] Lyra Lobo: a novel approach to the problem
[17:42] Farely Scarborough: My, that is forward, Miss Boccara.
[17:42] Deight Boccara: Well, I do live in a cave, Farely.
[17:42] Lyra Lobo: very effective, though *grins*
[17:43] Farely Scarborough: Yes, my dear, it does seem to have done the trick for Ms. Boccara
[17:43] Farely Scarborough: I imagine there is a lady somewhere attracting some unwanted attention, though.
[17:44] Deight Boccara laughs
[17:44] Lyra Lobo: That hat is fetching…. It is most fine
[17:44] Deight Boccara: Well, if you’ll excuse me, I think I see a much nicer dress over there in the other corner. Thanks for your company!
[17:45] Lyra Lobo: Thank you *smiles*

Deight in Caledon


4 Responses to “Caledon has big balls.”

  1. u suck Says:

    I liked my waffle tag you bitch why ban me?

  2. Johnstonus Says:

    What a lovely dress you have in this picture, Deight.

    Still the occasional Storm Trooper suit as well, I presume?

  3. Mary Meek Says:

    An ingenious plan Watson (Sorry, I shot gunned being Holmes). Stealing dresses of unsuspecting role players. I’ll have to start doing it. Immediately. I think I could probably conjure up a highway man type mask for the occasions.
    I’ll give you a cut of the profits for the idea. As soon as I’ve found a victim, I’ll send 50% of the clothes to your cave. Shot gun I get the top half of the clothes.

  4. Classical Says:

    The hat is not worse than a dress )))

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